My ideal company

Is on the cutting edge

I would like to work at a place that values cutting-edge technology while at the same time values the robustness, extensibility, and modularity of future technologies and frameworks. This does not mean that my ideal company is always jumping to the latest and shiniest Javascript framework that pops up and abandoning years of hard work. This can be embodied as a dedication to modern practices, for example, using the new functional features of C++11 or Java 8 or simply as a dedication to not compromise the freedom of expression for developers by sticking to legacy versions of programming languages and frameworks.

My ideal company changes the world of technology in a positive way quickly, robustly, and intelligently.

Provides the ability to make an impact

An important objective of mine is to work at a place where the code that I write has an impact in the company as a whole, no matter how large the overarching organization may be.

I would also like my work to be used by a large amount of people since I strongly believe in writing quality software that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Making an impact also means leaving a legacy. The code that I write should be modular and re-usable enough to be used in other systems and ways that have not previously envisioned. This is what separates software engineering from other disciplines, we have an opportunity to build on past work at a rate that has never been seen before.

Has meaningful and interesting work

A large portion of my life will be spent working and evolving my career. One of my primary career goals is to always be engaged in meaningful work that is intellectually challenging and interesting. One of the only ways to improve as a software engineer is to constantly be challenged and pushed to the next level; this includes learning new things as well as managing complexity.

My ideal company provides the opportunity for its employees to grow personally and professionally, because it knows that this will also increase its bottom line by investing in the future.

Maintains the work-life balance

My ideal company values the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of its employees. This means that there exists a fulfilling life outside of work that the company actively encourages me to pursue.