Title Author Date Links
Kings of Heaven audiobook Nell January (Audible)
Day of Ascension Tchaikovsky February 1 (Goodreads)
Elric of Melnibone audiobook Moorcock February 15 (Audible)
Vampireslayer audiobook William King February 26 (Audible)
Kingdoms of Death Ruocchio March 22  
An End to Sorrow Fletcher April  
Hunger of the Gods Gwynne April  
Eyes of the Void Tchaikovsky May 3 (Amazon)
All the Seas of the World Guy Gavriel Kay May 17 (Audible) (Goodreads)
Into the Narrowdark Tad Williams July  
Fairy Tale Stephen King September (Goodreads)
Navigator’s Children Tad Williams October  
Sun Eater #5 Ruocchio December  
Children of … sequel Tchaikovsky By EOY